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Wash. Sq. & West

Connecting Center City to Old City, this area has it all! Boasting shops, restaurants, businesses, nearby hospitals and historic landmarks - a buyer or renter can be assured they can find everything from upscale to patrician style.

At a Glance


Roughly corresponds to the area between 7th and Broad Streets and between Chestnut and South Streets, bordering on the Independence Mall tourist area directly northeast, Market East to the northwest, and Society Hill to the east.


SEPTA Bus Routes 23, 40, 47, 47M, 61 and 62, SEPTA Rail Lines BSS ATT Station to Fern Rock, Chestnut Hill West, Chestnut Hill East, Trenton Line, Airport Line, MFL Frankford to 69th St., Media/Elwyn Line, Lansdale/Doylestown Line, Warminster Line, West Trenton Line.




Nestled between Old City and the Avenue of the Arts (Broad Street) is Washington Square West (aka Wash West), named after the beautiful Washington Square - blooming in its heart.

Under the mayorship of Ed Rendell, during the 1990’s, the area reinitiated it’s mass development efforts, which, by the turn of the millennium, had transformed Wash West into the sumptuous cityscape it is today.

Many of the regal high-rises and patrician style homes comprising Wash West’s upmarket neighborhoods follow suit architecturally from the cluster of historical sites in the area, which include Independence Mall (Constitution Center, Liberty Bell, and various museums) and the Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation’s oldest hospital, which borders Pine Street (a.k.a Antique Row).

History begets foundation, upon which Wash West’s bustling couture, gourmet and nightlife culture brims with vigor. There’s the posh 13th Street and Sansom Street intersection, acclaim for its gathering of specialty shoppes and vogue-gourmet restaurants; the neighborhood of Wash West is a mecca for businesses and nightlife amenities (including good eats, too!); and moving eastward, Steven Starr, native Philadelphian restaurateur, has planted some of his most popular establishments (Jones and Morimoto), complemented by the other eclectic tré-fab eateries.