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Queen Village

Along the eastern edge of the city, known for its deli food, terrific shopping; housing runs the gamut from brownstones to new modern construction. This area simmers with old world charm.

At a Glance


Queen Village is located in South Philadelphia, between 6th Street and the Delaware River. Bounded to the north by South Street and to the south by Washington Avenue, it borders the Old City section of the central area of Philadelphia. It is also on the edges of the Society Hill and Bella Vista parts of the city.


SEPTA bus lines 40, 57, and 64.




As a well established neighborhood with one of the top schools in the city, the demand for homes in Queen Village have always been strong.

Queen Village, named for the Queen of Sweden is considered to be the 1st true neighborhood in Philadelphia because of it access to the Delaware River. Trinities, federal homes and contemporaries line the streets of this eclectic neighborhood. Families enjoy Weccacoe Playground, Starr Garden & Shot Tower Playground. The William M. Meredith Elementary School is located at 5th and Fitzwater Streets serves a desegregated population of more than 400 students in kindergarten through grade eight and has an extremely active Home and School Association that provides human, material and financial resources.

Aside from the prestige heritage and the tree-lined streets, Queen Village has plenty to offer in terms of food & entertainment. For starters the Famous 4th Street Deli which cranks out mammoth sandwiches attracts foodies from all over the region. For a more traditional food fair, Bridget Foy’s which is a staple in this neighborhood offers tasty more traditional dishes. For those looking for a social scene South Street provides amble of entertainment venues including the TLA as well as the Headhouse Shambles which hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. Looking for a little tranquility? Head over to Mario Lanza Park, a green space that is perfect for relaxing or getting lost in a good book. No matter your interest, there’s something for everyone here in Queen Village.

The homes here vary from charming Victorian style facades with vibrant colors to more traditional Philly style rowhomes. Giving the age and size of many homes in this area, there are many investment opportunities given the chance to convert a home into more than one unit. Although the median home prices here are in the mid 300’s, it’s not uncommon to come across homes that sell for over a million, giving this neighborhood a distinguished reputation in the Philadelphia real estate market.This demand has led to a steady market in this area in terms of home prices.