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Newly restored industrial area, vibrancy is the name of the game here. Located near East Falls, the bars, restaurants & shopping are where it’s at in this satellite of a city in the heart of the burbs.

At a Glance


A beautiful neighborhood in the northwestern section of Philadelphia. Located on the banks of the Schuylkill River, it contains the first canal begun in the United States.


SEPTA Manyunk/Norristown Line, Cynwyd Line and various SEPTA bus lines make commuting a breeze.




Manayunk is located on the north western edge of Philadelphia, a hilly area that gives the neighborhood a distinctive character. Now considered one of the most desirable areas of the city to live. Manayunk is home to an exciting nightlife and a wide variety of attractions.

Perhaps the best known event in this section of the city is the bike race that takes place there annually. Crowds pack the sidewalks to watch professional cyclists take on the dreaded “wall,” a steep hill that runs through the center of the neighborhood.

While today Manayunk is the home of young professionals and graduate students, it used to be an immigrant community. The large number of mills and factories, powered by river power, attracted workers. There are still signs of the neighborhood’s history in the many churches and historic buildings that dot the hillside. Many of these structures have since been converted for modern use, now housing upscale shops and luxury condominiums. Yet even if the window displays and residents have changed over the years, the cobblestone paving and row homes retain a small town’s charm.